From a historical point of view, there is an important interrelation in the field of foundations between the social situation at any moment and the establishment of its aims, as well as, the way of carrying out its actions and the general way of proceeding.

Thus the Foundation "Culture and Business" considers its aims and activities within the present social context marked by changing values, as far as social expectations and individual preferences are concerned.

Based on the second point of its statutes, the Foundation aims at developping any type of activities in the field of business, professional and sociocultural aspects, which tend to achieve the following purposes of general interest:

a) To impel the development of business and culture in Aragon.

b) To promote training within the companies as well as vocational guidance and improvement, in order to raise qualification of employers, managing directors and companies┤staffs, the preparation for placement activities included.

c) To foment a new business culture and to spread a socially positive image of private industry especially the important economic and social role adopted by small and medium sized companies.

d) Other purposes of general interest to be established by the Board within the above mentioned spirit in the preceeding sections that animates the creation of the Foundation.

All these points are based upon the respect to the cultural roots of freedom and humanism that inspires Western civilization.

For the fulfillment of its aims, the Foundation will be able to create, to use, to promote, etc..., the following measures to be developped by means of specific programmes.

The Board is entitled to determine the way to cope with the above mentioned purposes and to lay down which type of services by the Foundation should be carried out free of charge and which not.

The Board will have full scope to determine the Foundation's activities, in order to obtain the above mentioned specific aims, which, according to the Board and in fulfillment of its purposes, will be the most adequate and necessary at any moment.